Demotivational Posters

I have a young friend — and for me that means that he’s in his early 20s — who likes demotivational posters. When I say he likes demotivational posters, I mean that he likes them all — the entire genre in all of its forms. He has shared with me scores of these posters. While I don’t find all of them to be a ROTFL funny as he does, I do find a number to be quite funny. With that and my current state of employment, I decided to create my own demotivational poster.


Demotivational poster about unemployment? Who needs that kind of help?

How do I best explain my current employment state? I am (obviously from the picture above) not unemployed. However, after our business sold our three biggest properties, I am not as fully employed as I was a few months ago. I am in an interesting state of transition.

Let me clarify: I am in no way complaining about the state that I’m in. It is a very good state compared to many others who are not doing unemployment wrong. I know that I am incredibly blessed to be able to transition careers while still earning an income. I know that most people don’t have that luxury. There, now you know that I’m not upset, but just observing my current reality.

I created the image above a few months ago, and I’ve been wondering how my life would come around to it since then. I have received very good counsel on how to handle unemployment. I attended a Career Workshop a few months ago. I still have a bunch of things to do to improve my résumé and get my job search profile up to date on several key sites.

I do have a great opportunity that I’m pursuing with E-Myth as a business coach. I am pursuing that new career. However, I do want to get my past experience up-to-date so that I don’t have to recreate it all if I ever make a change in the future.

So, how am I doing unemployment wrong? I’m still showing up at work every day, and still getting a paycheck.

This means that I have some tickets to Deer Valley that are sitting unused as the season ends. This means that I keep thinking that I can get to the lake for a couple of necessary projects, but can’t. This means that I’m still a work-a-day schlep at the office.

I’d better not complain too loudly.


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One thought on “Demotivational Posters

  1. Nicole Taylor on said:

    Love your picture and your post. I’m ready for you to do unemployment wrong in the sense of no work but a paycheck. Is that asking too much? I love you.

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